Instagram Management

instagram managementWith more than 300 million active users daily, Instagram is among the social media platforms that business professionals use in boosting their brand. Having said that, a lot of them are struggling on how to fully harness the mighty powers of this social platform. Because of this, some businesses either don’t use Instagram or don’t put much effort on Instagram management.

One of the few reasons why Instagram is treated like a side project is that business owners don’t know how Instagram will help their end. But in fact, their products or services can be promoted using cool strategies. They can also give back to their followers by posting exclusive deals on their Instagram account.

Instagram Management and Marketing Made Easy

Managing multiple social media accounts, the company’s website, email blasts and the business itself is a very daunting task. Time is tight and you need to make everything work efficiently. It may seem that Instagram management won’t be possible. But in fact, small business owners can schedule Instagram posts in less than 20 minutes daily. This is possible by budgeting your time carefully.

Ideally, online marketers using Instagram should plan their daily posts in less than 3 minutes. This may include coming up with witty captions and brilliant hashtags, and lining up the content for posting using an Instagram management tool. When posting images, remember to keep it at a minimum. This way, you are creating an environment where your followers will be stay tuned for your daily posts. Make sure to edit and post these images in under 4 minutes.

The bulk of your time must be dedicated on customer engagement. Search for new prospects using Instagram’s Explore tab. Like and comment your followers’ photos and also answer their comments on your photos. You can also use your remaining time in finding popular hashtags that fit your brand and your posts.

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